Monday, October 22, 2012

1st Grade Card! (Day 22 of 31/21)

So right before the sick day Cate got her first "real" report card.  I pretty much immediately sent send the teacher an email asking if this was on the regular curriculum or a modified curriculum - she said the grades are based on the regular 1st grad curriculum with work modifications such has a lesser # of spelling words per week, 1 on 1 testing, and some writing adaptations for longer assignments.  WOW!  I'm really happy with these grades!

In case you have trouble reading my horrible photo - she got "S - Satisfactory" scores in all her specials (Art, Music, Drama, Dance, PE/Health).  She got a 92% - A in Language Arts, an 82% - B in Reading, and an 80% - B in Spelling, and an 81% - B in Math.  Three Bs and one A - I'll take that any day!  My girl does work hard to keep up and she is succeeding with the help of an awesome teacher and great para-pro.  Thanks to her amazing team!

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