Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Brother (Day 13 of 31/21)

I am so lucky - I might have mentioned that once or twice or 100 times - to have such a supportive family.  My family probably shed tears when Cate was born just like I did but they never showed me.  They have never cared how many chromosomes she was born with and have not been anything but over the top in love with her from day one.  My brother is 3 years younger than me and we had a typical sibling relations I think.  We played together, we fought each other, we kept each others secrets and told on each other just as often.  After I went away to college we never spent more than a long visit together and he is not a phone guy but we managed to stay close. 

Then he moved to Florida and the visits got shorter and farther between but he was here the day Cate was born and he was here the day Lucy was born too.  He is the perfect uncle.  He talks to the girls on Facetime when he is away and spoils them rotten when he is in town.  Plus he gave them an equally awesome Aunt! 

They get more excited about seeing Uncle Lane and Aunt Brandie than just about anyone.  I know I could trust them to take care my girls like their own daughters if tragedy ever struck.  We are so lucky to have so many relatives that we could trust with our kids - I know not everyone has that. i couldn't have guessed what an awesome uncle my brother would become but I think that Cate's birth story is probably part of the reason.  I don't think anyone could have gone though those first days with us, in the room, without bonding to more firmly to that baby.  You couldn't help but look at tiny Cate in that NICU on Christmas morning without pledging your love to the sweetness in her eyes.  (We were also lucky a NICU nurse took pity on us and let them see her on Christmas day.) 

Today is my brother's birthday so today we'll celebrate the best uncle in the world!
 Happy Birthday Lane!!!

A great hand holder even if he has to bend down to reach

He is pretty proud of getting these girls to be silly!

Lane has probably put together more toys and undone more of the awful zip tie packing then Ric & I put together!

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