Thursday, October 18, 2012

A favorite blog recommendation (Day 18 of 31/21)

I am a blog addict.  OK well to specify, I am a DS momma blog addict.  Everyday at lunch time or when I take a quick break at work, I eagerly look at my Google Dashboard of blogs hoping for new posts from my favorites.  Some of them are moms of children with DS that are Cate's age and I love to read what they are doing at school or how their moms are handling a challenge, some of moms of babies and I love to see the adorable pictures so I can think back to Cate as a baby, a couple are moms of older girls so I can get a glimpse into possible future tips or issues.  But there is one blog that I go to as soon as I notice a new post for a totally different reason, Everything and nothing from Essex.

It actually has very little to do with the fact her little girl has Down Syndrome and everything to do with the fact that she cracks me up.  Her posts are sarcastic, real, and insightful - by her own description they are "snarky".  One day her post might be about an embarrassing mommy situation I can laugh with her only because I relate to it, the next it might be a insight into her views of an issue related to having a special needs child.  A perfect example of the first type "I've had enough" was written a couple days before my mommy disaster post so it was very topical for me! An example of the second type was from Oct 17called "Letting Go" which reminded me so much of Cate and made me realize I do the same thing, learn a lesson about Cate then proceed to ignore her signs that I'm doing something in the wrong way.  I know you probably can't click on this link above given the copy write restrictions I've imposed but please go to to check out this hilarious blog.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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