Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Dress Pics (Day 19 or 31/21)

So my week is better than my melt down the other day but still running crazy.  Last night Cate didn't sleep much because she keep coughing hard enough to cause her to throw up a little a couple times.  I'd swear it is only drainage because she has had an awful runny nose for weeks but who knows.  Ric was an angel and slept in her bed practically all night in order to rush her to the bathroom when the coughing started.  It is weird because other than a little whinny she seem fine until these random coughing fits.  So no school today for her but my mom thankfully kept her so I could work.  Then at work while it was still dark out I get an email that there is a child in Lucy's class with head lice - AHHHHHH.  I've been dreading the day I see one of these notices since a friend had an actual infestation in her house last year.  I ran home to check Lucy out and everything seems fine but I think I'll be itching every day I think about the possibility for the next week.  So all in all I missed a bit of work I couldn't afford to so you get the short end of the stick.  The best I have for you this post is pictures of the adorable outfit I mentioned in the "glance" post.  Cate in her new green uniform dress with the adorable flowered knee socks and mary janes (the bow was long gone by the time I got her home). 

 I asked Cate to model and she ran up to the fireplace mantle to get a good spot!  Don't know what is going on with the shadows sorry!
Have a good weekend!

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