Friday, October 26, 2012

Just like any 6 year old (Day 26 of 31/21)

This post idea was completely stolen from the 'Everything and Nothing from Essex' post yesterday.  I had seen some pieces of this video before and been meaning to do a post for it but it took Deanna to finally inspire me to do one today.  So please take a look this video - do these adults look like they have anything other than fulfilling and joyful lives?  We may say we wish for kids that become doctors or MBAs but isn't what we really wish for is that our kids are successful because they live lives that they enjoy and ones where they feel valuable?  These adults with DS are huge successes in my mind.

Cate shows me all the time she is "more alike than different".  So I'd like to think that her version of this for a 6 years old is something like this:

  I want to be a princess when I grow up.

  I want to be like my mommy.

I am totally a daddy's girl. 

  I love my cat.
  I love my little sister.

My sister still drives me crazy.
 I love the ocean.
  I love to play outside.
I don't like doing homework every night. 

 I am on a cheerleadering squad.
  I am on a swim team.

I am responsible for chores. 
 Sometimes I am grumpy.

  Mostly I love to laugh.
My family loves me.

Sound like any 6 year olds you know?



  1. I loooove that video. :-) Love Cate's version of this, too!! We'll see our girls doing much the same one day, too. Self-advocates in the making!

  2. Cate is the perfect example of "See, we are more alike than different" I am enjoying watching her blossom and teach the school system and community that children with Down Syndrom can do it. She is so amazing! I really miss working with her, but revel in all of her accomplishments!