Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Movie Night (Day 14 of 31/21)

We finally had our first family movie night!  The girls loved it - OK we did too.  We made our own little pizza's using the amazing Publix Deli pizza dough and rented "The Lorax".  At first the girls rebelled a little against getting a bath while it was so early but they gave in to the extra play time in the tub.  The biggest hit of the event was the girls getting to eat in the TV room - this is a favorite treat of theirs.  We watched the movie - a first time run for all of us - and they loved it.  It probably isn't one we'll add to the collection but  the message is good and the girls seemed to get it.  And to top off the night we made a tray of dairy free brownies (I just found a boxed version that has no dairy or egg ingredients then substituted applesauce for the egg add-in ingredient - a little gooey but yummy none the less) and ate them with ice cream.  I know this is a tradition that many family's have and it definitely one we will do again soon.

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  1. My kids love when I pull the little table in to the living room to eat a meal; it must be such a treat to not eat at the regular table!