Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ah Lucy (Day 24 or 31/21)

So yesterday Ric picked up Lucy from school and had a very interesting conversation - here is the my imagined version of the story he told me last night:

... a discussion in the car about family turns into ....
Lucy:  Daddy is Uncle Tim a girl or a boy?
Ric:  A boy
Lucy:  Does Uncle Tim have a big bottom or a little bottom?  <Tiny bit of explanation here - the root of the question is a conversation her and I had about her using the child toilet seat that is built into the lid of our toilet.  She didn't want to use it because it was for "babies" and I had to convince her that it wasn't for babies just people with little bottoms like her because everyone has different sizes.  I know the things we say to our kids is unimaginable before you are parents.  Now why she thought of that question a month later in relation to Uncle Tim I have no idea.>
Ric:  uhhh, a big bottom I guess <he wasn't there for the above mentioned conversation>
Lucy:  Daddy does God have a big bottom?
Ric:  mmm, I don't know Lucy
Lucy:  I guess we should go up to heaven and check his pants.
Ric:  .... no response because he was trying very hard not to laugh so hard he would crashed the car

You gotta love kids!!!

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