Friday, October 12, 2012

My adventurous daughter - (Day 12 of 31/21)

Who knew?  I'm guessing if you'd asked me 7 years ago if a person with Down Syndrome could be adventurous I'd have said I doubted it.  I was an idiot.  I needed Cate to open my eyes and she keeps doing it over and over.  She amazes me even more because I know sometimes it isn't easy for her to be adventurous.  It is harder to for her to climb those slippery bouncy slide ladders but she does it.  She wasn't always adventurous in her current fashion but when she was younger the barrier to her being adventurous was noise and crowds more than fear of the unknown.  She will still shy away from an adventure if there are a ton of kids or loud music but more and more she is willing to try anything.  I think that this will be easier to demonstrate than describe - so take a look at what Cate did last weekend at just one party!
We weren't allowed to do anything else until she'd ridden a pony.  Of course I'm ready to take her picture on the cute pony and she immediately heads to the donkey!

Yes that is Cate getting on a camel.  She was the first one at the party to try it out and she came back for more later!

seriously look at how big that thing is?

She smiled like crazy on this ride!

a high five from the handler!

Pointy horns - who cares?  If its an animal Cate will love it.

That little speck up there is Cate - she climbed it herself but needed me to help her go down the first time, and let me tell you I get it, it was crazy looking down that slide!  After that though she was doing it herself.

this time she picked the pretty pony - we did this about 5 times to try each one


Have a great weekend everybody!  Hope you have a fun adventure too!

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