Monday, October 8, 2012

Buddy Walk 2012!!! (Day 8 of 31/21)

We interrupt our gripping discussion of homework to show you our pictures from the Buddy Walk yesterday!!

The Buddy Walk 2012 was huge success on a perfect fall day.  As of Saturday there were 2306 registered walkers who had raised $170,000 for the Down Syndrome Association.  Cate's Crusaders raised $2,256 and had a team of 16 people include the 4 volunteers that my co-worker Laura recruited - a record for us in both regards!  My girls had a fabulous time.  Cate danced her little heart out, did every bouncy house twice, and walked the 1/4 mile by herself.  Lucy went for the playground after deciding the music was too loud to dance and the bouncy houses too crowded to play in but she did the walk on grandpa's shoulders .  It was a reaffirming day filled with amazing people and friends.  Thank you to everyone who helped make our day so incredible!  We are blessed to have such awesome friends and family.

Daddy & Cate dancing to start off the day!  The muscian Jay Memory gave Cate his guitar pick!

our team's home base
Lucy shows Cate the sign we made for her

"Let's Walk"

Cate Crusaders!

Laura, Ric, Cate & Grandma

This is the way to go!

Waiting during at the end of the walk for medals
Daddy's Girl

My sunshine is in that smile!

Cate "Wins" - she was the first girl named Cate to finish the walk ;-)

Lucy medals as well!

Bouncy House fun

Cate's family

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  1. Fun!! Looove her smile. And you've got a HUGE team! Congrats on raising so much money! I'm looking forward to ours in a few weeks, although I've been a slacker in the fundraising department...