Thursday, October 25, 2012

Homecoming parade (Day 25 of 31/21)

Cate had another fun experience last Friday.  Her and I walked in the high school homecoming parade with her elementary school float.  We had worked on the float the previous weekend and couldn't pass up a chance to practice our princess waves.  Cate walked the entire 1 mile parade route except for a tiny carry when the float picked up speed and I need to catch us up.  She had a blast and I think gave every person on our side of the road a personal smile and wave.  As one of the teachers at her school said to me yesterday "Cate is such a social butterfly". 

that is Lucy hiding under the jacket on Grandpa's lap, she was anticipating the noise I hear

our assigned theme was olympic soccer, hence the soccer shirt and shin gards!

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  1. Wow, yay, Cate!! I love when they surprise us by enjoying a new activity, walking when you want them to walk, etc. LOL Oh, goodness, our girls are getting so grown up...