Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shhhh - don't tell my girls (Day 11 of 31/21)

I was SO happy that we were plan free this weekend.  Just last weekend with Ric gone for over 24  hours - the girls and I went to a fall party over 45 minutes away, I attended a wedding so they had a babysitter and we did the buddy walk downtown.  That is a ton when every adventure requires packing snacks, emergency clothes, jackets, sunscreen then tearing them away from the Disney DVD fun educational activities they are doing, and loading them into the car.  I didn't get a load of laundry done or even a tiny start on my next big organizational project which I desperately need to do.  So when I looked at the calender and the only thing we had was a one hour cheer practice on Sunday this weekend, I was overjoyed.  In that couple hours I planned the house chores I was going to do and looked up a couple recipes to make for week ahead...

Then my mother sent me a text ".. has $11 tickets to Disney on Ice for this Saturday".  I immediately responded - "nope I'm done with outings for a while".  Then within two minutes I started to investigate because my girls would go crazy for this show even though they don't realize is here since they don't watch channels with commercials.  Maybe the tickets are up in the rafters and not worth the trip.  Maybe there aren't any left so we can't do it anyway.  I  just don't want to dress everyone up, drive downtown, struggle with parking, listen to an hour of Disney music BUT my girls would love it.  They would talk about it with sparkles in their eyes for days.  So I tried one last ditch effort to get out of it, I called Ric.  I was expecting him to say he'd rather not because of a football game or having to do some work or mow or anything.  But he is head over heels as well so he said "Sure, the girls would love it".  So my easy weekend now has a schedule but who am I to deny these two anything?

So please keep my secret and don't tell my girls that I'm a complete push over and they don't even have to be here for it to happen.

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  1. I find, especially with girls, moms become TOTAL pushovers!
    Also, Everleigh has the same shirt as Cate! But both Lucy and Cate are absolutely adorable!